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Emoji Switcher is an app that helps you easily change your Android emoji package. All you need is 30 seconds and a rooted Android.

When running Emoji Switcher for the first time, you have to allow it root privileges. After this, you can choose from more than six available emoji packages that will be downloaded and installed in a matter of seconds. You can choose emojis from iOS 9, Samsung, LG, or the different Google versions. After installing the new emoji package, it's recommended to restart your device since many apps may not recognize the changes if you don't perform that step.

Emoji Switcher is a very interesting app that gives you the option of having your favorite emojis on your Android. Love the iOS emojis? Then install them. Change your mind after a few months and want to go back to the default ones from Google? Then go right ahead and switch back. It's that easy.
By Beatriz Escalante

Requires Android 4.4 or higher